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Salt Lake City, UT we offer a solution for all of your protection needs. We offer three different kinds of protection for you. Auto insurance, home insurance and home security. At my protection solutions we make sure that we get you the coverage you need at a price you can afford. We want the people in Utah to know that you can get the coverage you need at a super affordable price.

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We have highly trained representatives that can help you get insurance for your home or car in Salt Lake City, UT. And we can even help you with home security for your Utah home.

Easy Claim System

We understand that filing a claim can be frustrating and time consuming. That is why we made it an easy process. Our representatives in Salt Lake City, UT are highly trained and have seen pretty much every kind of claim.

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We have some of the lowest prices in the industry. Contact us today for Home Security, Home Insurance and Auto Insurance. Let us save you money!

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Homeowner Insurance

There are many questions and concerns when it comes to getting the right home insurance in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our professional home insurance agents have over 20 years of experience. At My Protection Solutions we understand that getting the best coverage for your home is top priority and that it should not have to be expensive.

Affordable homeowners insurance for Salt Lake City, Utah residents is what we specialize in. Making sure that you get low rates with a low monthly payment. Get your fast, easy and secure homeowners insurance quote today.


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Home Security

At My Protection Solutions we help you protect your family and home at an affordable price. When you are at home you should feel safe! It shouldn’t have to be expensive to get the protection you need. Our home security representatives are highly trained in getting you the protection you need for a low monthly rate. We go over all of our home security equipment with you, answering all of your questions.

Some of our home security benefits are:

24/7 professional monitoring * Window sensors * Door sensors * Motion detectors * Glass breaks * Crystal clear HD 1080p Cameras – indoor & outdoor * Mobile App * And much more…


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Auto Insurance

Finding the right auto insurance provider can be difficult and time consuming. Making sure that the auto insurance rates are within your budget and with the coverage you need. At My Protection Solutions we make sure that you get every auto insurance discount that there is. We understand that every bit counts, especially when it can put money back in your pocket.


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Benefits Of Going With My Protection Solutions

24x7 Support

At My Protection Solutions we are here for you 24/7! Making sure that you are covered with the lowest possible prices.

Multi-policy Discount

If you choose more then 1 of our 3 services then we can help put money back in your pocket. Our goal is to save you more!

Easy Claim System

If you ever do need to file a claim, we have made the process easy. Our highly trained representatives are here for you!

Online Account

Once you are signed up, you will have access to your account(s). You can access them from the computer or your mobile phone.

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Contact My Protection Solutions today and get your personalized quote for homeowners insurance, auto insurance or home security.

Strongly Secure

At My Protection Solutions we take extra security measures to unsure your privacy and personal information.

Low Monthly Payments

Our goal at My Protection Solutions is to get you the lowest prices with the most coverage! Helping you to put money back in your pocket.

Understandable Terms

Our representatives go over everything with you. Making sure that you are happy and understand everything.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Justin B.

    I didn’t like my current auto insurance rates, so I started to shop around. When I called in I spoke to Sarah and she was very helpful. I not only pay less but I get more coverage for my car. Thanks Sarah!

  • Selena Q.

    I just bought a house and was looking around. I spoke to a few other companies but they didn’t do a good job at explaining everything to me. But My Protection Solutions did! Thank you for taking the extra time with me!

  • Gabriel T.

    Customer service is everything to me, I needed home insurance and auto insurance. The customer service here is unbelievable! Awesome, thank you!

  • Victoria N.

    I called in just for home security, but when I was speaking to Tim, he went over what I could be paying for home & auto insurance. After hearing how much I could save, I switched! And it is so much easier having everything through one company! Thanks Tim!

  • John D.

    Didn’t realize how much I was overpaying with my previous company. Now I can actually save money!

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